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Terms and Conditions:

We hope that you will contact us to discuss your requirements and we would be very happy to fulfil your order. These are the things that you will need to bear in mind.

Measuring Up

1. For Door and Window Frames – we need to know the maximum size to build to (minimum fitting distance).

Measurements for height and width should be taken at several points and the smaller of the numbers supplied. We also need to know if the frame fits between the stone/brick or behind.

2. For Doors (if we are not supplying a frame) – We need to know the depth of the frame rebate. We need the measurements for height and width (measure at several points again and supply the smaller number). We will make the door approximately 3mm smaller (height) and 6mm smaller (width) to allow it to open. If the frame is markedly out of square we need to know and discuss this with you.

For Furniture – we need to know the height, depth, and width for the pieces that you want us to build. Unless otherwise requested kitchen furniture, tables, and washstands we will build to standard heights.

For Stairs - we need to now the height from floor to floor level, the width and length of where the stairs is to be possitioned.


We aim to produce items strictly in the order in which we receive the commissions. Therefore, we would discuss the production times with you when you place the order. It is our aim to despatch within six weeks of order, but this is a guide and no guarantee.


We will deliver locally free of charge. We will deliver within a 50 mile radius at a cost of £25. For further distances, and where beneficial, we will charge delivery at the cost price of the appropriate carrier.


We do not hold 30 day accounts for anyone. Payment is to be made the same day that the invoice is raised as your order is placed by receipt of your payment.
Our preferred method of payment is by direct bank payment to Timberworks Wales . Lloyds TSB Account number: 23124360 Sort code: 309682
We do accept cash. We may be able to offer Paypal as a means of payment. We can take credit/debit cards at our workshop but you will need to be present and a 2.75% charge will be added to the payment. Whilst we use traditional skills and materials in our work we do not engage in bartering and we do not offer finance.
For larger orders we take payment of 30-50% on receipt of the order. The final payment will then be due on collection or before we can despatch the item. For smaller orders under £2000 we prefer payment in advance.
All cheques are to be made payable to Timberworks Wales and are to be sent to our office address of 1 Pleasant View, Cymmer, Port Talbot. SA13 3LP.

The Nature of Wood

We make all of our products to a very high standard. Every item is jointed in the traditional way and the wood is carefully selected for the purpose it is going to be used for.

However, wood is a natural product and it changes in relation to the prevailing moisture conditions.

Exposed to long periods of hot sun, or kept in a highly centrally heated house, the wood will shrink a little in width. In newly plastered homes, in damp conditions and facing the prevailing conditions it may expand a little in width. Most of these problems are reversible, but it is not unusual for a little adjustment to be required during the first year. If there are particular climatic circumstances that will affect your item please let us know at the time of order and we can advise on suitability and design options to help.

All our products come with a standard 12 month garantee starting from delivery. Glazed units come with a seporate garantee from the glass manufaturers. We do not warrenty any problems that have been caused by fitters.

We do our very best to match up Real timber veneer colour on fire double fire doors but it can be very difficult to colour match exactly. So for this service there would be an extra cost and a lead time of 6 to 14 weeks ( depending on timber type ).

We despatch our products in pristine condition and we cannot be responsible for any moisture related problems once they have left us. However, we are always happy to discuss the aftercare of the item with you and offer whatever help and advice we can. 

If you do not purchase an item sealed by us then please ask for advise on finishing your product as it is essential that this is done at an early stage.

With a little thought and routine care your Product should fit well for life.



We are now offer a dedicated CNC Routing, Machining and Cutting service for wood, mdf and plastic, using the latest CNC technology.



High quality, CNC Machined fitted kitchens designed and made to order.