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 SL Laser Improves CNC Cutting

We were very fortunate to have Derek Coulson to not only install our Staircon software, but to also give us a fantastic deal and installation on an SL-Laser ProDirector laser projector.

From the very first phone call right through to us using it on our on for the first time, Derek has been brilliant. He was here during the installation with Claus and has always been only a phone call away after. 

Having the laser has completely change the way we run our CNC, making it much quicker to set up and run, reducing our pod collisions and waste material.  

Read on for a bit more information on the laser.

The laser projector takes the time and guesswork out of setups and changeovers, keeping your machine moving and reducing scrap.  Quickly and accurately place pods and fixtures to the laser light, then place your material to the projected part profile – it couldn’t be easier!  Using a laser projector frees you from pinstops and allows you to nest small parts anywhere on the table to optimize your tool paths and run more parts in each nest.  Make entire stile and rail entry doors in one run.  Accurately “reintroduce” previously contour-cut parts for secondary edging operations.

The laser accurately shows the tool path so you can place smaller blanks precisely.  Using smaller blanks both saves material costs and reduces off-cut waste disposal costs.   Projecting pod locations greatly reduces the chances of costly tool/pod collisions.  Pod collisions are more than just the cost of the pod -  factor in the ordering cost, transit times, production delays or stoppages, the miscut workpiece and any damage to the bit or the spindle – it’s a very expensive mistake that doesn’t have to happen.  Sometimes a single prevented accident could pay for the investment of a laser projector.

To visit their web site, please follow this link http://www.sl-laser.com/index.php/en/ and contact Derek.



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